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This particular course along with its companion virtual classroom is designed especially for Cambria USA. However, the ideas in this course span many years of development and refinement.

This program is designed to continue to help you increase efficiency in learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and influence. This online portion will lay the foundation by broadening your thinking about learning.

We are now in the information age where a paradigm shift in learning is needed.

Traditional learning has been structured with learning times (classes), imposed deadlines (quarter and semesters), and guidance on what to learn (teachers). Self Directed learning has a different structure, loose times to do learning (online classes 24/7 access), loose deadlines (complete this by next week or at your own pace) and guidance is shared between you the learner and the structure of the online class.

This course has been divided into 4 sections:

  • Introduction – What we are doing now
  • MindShift – broadening your perspective on learning
  • Mental Models – increasing your ability for abstract thinking
  • Prep for Virtual Class
  • Wrap Up – pulling it all together

The course will take about 90 minutes and can be done in multiple sittings with as little as 10 minutes each seating. Make sure you save all your exercises and the system will pick up where you left off. Each lesson will have 1 or more videos to watch. At the bottom of the video is a link to see a summary of the video. Then you will be given an exercise to do that is part of the process of continuing to prepare you for self-directed learning.

At the end of the course

  • All exercises work will be available to you as part of a personalized roadmap/plan for your self-directed learning journey
  • You will also have summaries for all the videos available together on a page

Have fun and choose powerfully