Web Programming Course

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The course introduces the student to programming techniques required to develop Web applications. Topics include: HTML forms, JavaScript, Libraries, PHP and MySQL and RestAPI. Prerequisite CSc 2310 (Principles of Computer Programming) CSC3410 (Data Structure).

This course outline provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary.

Week 1 – Self Directed Learning
Week 2 – HTML, CSS and Javascript
Week 3 – Libraries and Frameworks (JQuery and Foundation)
Week 4 – Web Server – LAMP
week 5 & 6 – PHP & MySQL
week 7 – Login System
Week 8 – Ajax
Week 9 – WordPress & Templates
Week 10:14 – Final Project
Week 15 – Top 5 Project Presentation

Final Project The final project will be a demonstration of your cumulative skill in this course. You will build a website that is of interest to you and has all the components that we discussed in class.

The top 5 projects voted on by pears will present to the entire class with the top 3 projects getting gift certificates.