Emotion, Learning to Learn How to Learn, Generalization (EL³G).

We believe that the biggest impediment to adult learning in this modern age is emotion. Fear, Frustration, and Self-Doubt does not make a good environment for learning. All is not lost though because how you feel about something is a choice in which you can have power over.

Robert, as a University Professor Teaching Math to Adult Learners, would invariably get a student come to him on the first day of class and say “I am not very good at Math.” First off not a very good idea to try and convenience your Math professor that you are not good at Math and it is also not true. When the student was asked what is 1 + 1 they slowly would reply 2 and say that is easy math. Robert would respond with at some point in your life that concept was hard. So it is not about something being easy or hard but more about something being unknown and then known. And that is what education is all about taking the unknown to known and it all then becomes easy.

So let’s change the self-talk that you are doing. Instead of saying “I am not good at Math” say “I am getting better at Math.” This then makes you an active learner improving your skills than being trapped with not being able to do anything with Math being hard.

In our EL3G process, we teach learners how to take control of their education, develop critical thinking skills and build mental models of domain knowledge. The participants are no longer stuck in the skills-based learning of the industrial age but they create a learning environment to deal with this quickly changing age of technology.

Below is a talk about how Mindset (what you tell yourself) is proven to make a difference in your ability.