Self-Directed Learning Plan:

This plan was produced in the Self-Directed Learning class based on the goals and process that wanted to execute. This plan can be changed at any time and is an aid in thinking about the process of being a self-directed learner, in essence, becoming both the student and the teacher.
  • Develop Your Specific Learning Goals
  • Develop the Why for Your Goals
  • Outline Your Plan
  • List Your Internal Needs and Plan How to Handle Them
  • List Support Systems and What You Need From Them
  • Start Building Mental Models For Your Learning Goals
  • Start Doing Course(s) or Program(s)
    • When Times Get Hard, Reread Your Why
    • Take Care of Yourself - You Can Do It All
    • Use Your Support System
  • Have Fun and Choose Powerfully!
1. Goal
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2. Your Why
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3. Desired Emotions
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4. Your Desired Self-Talk
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5. Learn to Learn How to Learn (L3) - Outline
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6. Generalization
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7. Example of Mental Model - What Does That Mean game
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8. Your Plan
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9. Internal Setup
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10. External Setup
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