05. The Benefits of a Data Science Mindset – Content [257]

Since Data Scientist by the nature of what they do good problem solvers some of the mindsets that they have can help everyone have a more capabilities to solve problems. For you this could mean that by understanding some of those traits and using them in your life you can be more productive. Here are the top 5 Data Scientist traits that can help with general problem solving:

  1. Constant Learners – techniques and technology are changing at an ever-increasing rate so being a constant learner is a necessity. Learning how to learn and learn quickly is a skill to continue to build.
  2. Uses Multiple Tools and Techniques – no one tool does it all. Being versed in many tools as well as (see #1) learning new tools quickly will make you that much more efficient.
  3. Writes Code – Being able to write code to handle the things that off the shelf products don’t can help to make a more well-rounded data scientist. Even if you don’t write code for a living the way that you need to think to write code gives you tools for dividing the problem up in to smaller chunks and solving those while also thinking about activities in a systematic organized fashion.
  4. Understands Business Issues – Data science in a vacuum is good if you are doing core research but in a company setting you must balance the technical work with understanding and applying the work to the business. The business exists to make money by servicing customers so understanding how you fit into that equation is an important skill anyone can benefit from.
  5. Problem Solving Truth Seekers – Always be curious. This investigative mindset allows the discovery of insights and valuable methodologies.
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