08. Describing Data Science Projects to Management – Content [260]

OK, now that you have identified a possible data science project let’s think through a few more items to consider. At the end of this lesson is a project form that will guide you to collect the relevant facts about a potential project. You don’t have to fill the entire document in for the project to be worth pursuing. The form is to be used as a guide and not as the final word.

So let’s see what information you want to have to describe the problem. The two most important pieves of infromation are what is the problem and if the problem is solved even partially how much savings or revenue generated can be obtained. Once that is determine then you should start looking at who are the stake holders.

One Page Data Science Checklist

Use this checklist to help define and summarize the start of a data science project. This checklist will help you to cover all aspects of your project to get you started up front in the right direction.