Talks Robert Joseph, Ph.D. have done with Nepris – CONNECTING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS TO EVERY STUDENT making it easy for teachers in the bi-state Kansas City region to invite industry professionals into the classroom to bring real-world relevance into learning.

GEAR UP Series: Engineering Part One (Oct 1, 2020)

GEAR UP Series: Engineering Part Two (Oct 12, 2020)

What It Takes to Be a Game Designer (Dec 11, 2020)

Video Game Design (Dec 17, 2020)

Video Game Design (Jan 4, 2020)

A Career in Entrepreneurship (Jan 13, 2020)

A Career as an Entrepreneur in Technology (Jan 15, 2020)

Careers in Computer Science: Software Developer, Database Administrator, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Architect, Web Developer, etc (Jan 12, 2021)

Engineer (May 2021)

Career in Computer Science and Data Science (May 11, 2021)