Programming Resources

Python Tutorial – on the w3schools website.

Inspiring Videos

Josh Kaufman: 20 hours to Learn Anything – (19:26 min)
Amy Cuddy – Your body language may shape who you are – min)
How great leaders inspire action – (18:14 min)

Data Science Videos

Using reinforcement learning to play breakthrough. This system learned the game with only knowing how to move left and right. By rewarding positive movement and penalizing negative movement allow the system to learn the game. Video (1:12 min)

Downloadable Resources

One Page Data Analytics Project Checklist – Checklist guidelines for building a case to do a data analytics project.

UCI Machine Learning Repository – This is a collectios of datasets that can be used in machine learning exercises.

Kaggle – Website devoted to data science. Has contest, data sets, kaggle notebooks and more. Check it out for fun and learning.

Additional Resources

Fundamental Techniques for Feature Engineering in Machine Learning

Short Introduction on Model Selection