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Welcome to Team Mindshift

Current day learning is based on the industrial age. It is time for a new way of thinking, a paradigm shift in the way that people think about learning and education. This MindShift starts with emotions and how they can be shaped to your advantage or your disadvantage. It is all up to you to make choices that work for you. Team Mindshift is dedicated to guiding people towards this new way of thinking that has helped 1,000s to learn and grow.

What we Do

Foundational EL³G Learning Methodology™
  • Emotion and Self-Talk – become an active learner and take control of your learning process
  • Learning to “Learn How To Learn” – techniques and perspective for learning
  • Generalization – applying newly acquired skills to multiple domains
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Data Analytics Courses
  • Data Empowerment - Understanding Data Science for Non-Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning - Understanding Machine Learning
  • Management Technology Briefing - Overview of current technologies and how they might apply to your company
  • EL³G Integrate – Infuse your curriculum with the EL³G process
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Training and Delivery
  • Some of Our Delivery Modes
    • Synchronous: in classroom or virtual lecture + online environment
    • Hybrid: online environment with weekly new lessons
    • On Demand: Take course at your own pace
  • Hosted Learning Environment
    • Online Course Environment
    • Customizable
    • Add Your Own Training
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Meet the Team

Robert Joseph, Ph.D.
President & Chief Technology Officer
  • Teaching over 3,500 students as a University Professor for over 14 year
  • Degrees from MIT (EE) and CMU (CS)
  • Practicing Data Scientist
Craig Preston
Chief Operating Officer
  • Trained technology teams in US and Europe in Multiple Languages
  • Engineering Degree from MIT and Graduate work at Berkeley
  • Speaks English and French

Testimonials from Our Classes

"It's a great way to learn about the uses of data science and how to shift your thinking to using data in a new way." - KE from New York
"It is a very exciting field and an excellent skill to have and can help further your career in possibly a new direction. Plus, you now have the knowledge to do this on your own so if there is something in your life that you want to use tool on, now you have the capability. Another advantage is that you can be a one person team to see real results." - JG from Atlanta
"I think it's the Mindset and the reinforcement of the Mindset that's going to help me the most; not just about data science, but about learning - breaking down problems, working incrementally. I'm going to be diving into more varied and more ambiguous problem spaces, so having the toolkit to break things down without fear is going to help a lot." - CC